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Nomorerack is definately not a scam.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 4:46 AM

Well I’ve found myself on the Nomorerack train. This site is a rather novel invention. You see it’s sorta parts bid site, shopping mall, and lottery. You pull up the site and a small, maybe 9 items a day are offered. Only nine. Said items are all of limited quantity and only appear on the site for THAT day you viewed them. Twenty four hours is all the time those items are up – unless they are sold out before then. And if you see nothing you want that day, well then you can come back the next day and see if anything you would want is up.

Many types of items show up – jewelry, electronics, novelty, men’s stuff, children’s stuff, free stuff, charity items (in which you buy an items and a portion of the sale goes to charity), even a neat thing called a friendrack. This is where you are directly rewarded by referring nomorerack new members. You send your friends a referral code, they register and bam you get a friend point. They don’t even have to buy anything. So you get rewarded by basically spreading the word.

For such an odd Russian roulette way of doing things, the site is doing well by the many nomorerack reviews I’ve found. The fun of daily scouting for deals- and the deals on there are awesome. The deals are so awesome that some people believe Nomorerack to be less about the nomorerack deal and more about the nomorerack scam.

See, nomorerack doesn’t just sell anything. They sell name brand high end stuff for upwards of 90% along with freebies, daily charity items and crazy insanity deals that show up randomly during the day. Seeing a PS3 go for barely a $30 can cause many an eyebrow to rise.

But note the many endorsements on their side: People. USA Today. Martha Stewart. Big names that don’t just endorse anything. When high end trendsetters and news makers are willing vouch for you must be doing something right. I know I’m sold. I just wonder if there’s a hells chance that PS3 shows up again…