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Locker Decor

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 6:03 PM

Lockers how I abuse you. I used you in my childhood and even later in my high school years. But then they were a necessity. Metal lockers saved my back from lifting heavy books on my back for hours a day. They were rather boring and unpleasing to the eye. Any once you use something for such a boring task every day, they become well, boring.

But now it’s been years since and a bit of nostalgia has returned to me. I was thrifting for a small end table for our bedroom and discovered these two cute wood lockers. They played upon my love for more natural materials and the wood was so pleasing to the eye. I like their size in that they could fit into a small space yet store many things. And so I snapped them up. Funny the very things I groaned at in my school days have now given my place a great sheen of class.