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Working harder on that doctor's costume

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:43 AM

Now it's getting closer to the end of the year and my doctor costume sorta outfit is shaping up nicely. I have my lab coat, and head gear – I just need some cheap scrubs. Kinda hard to pull off that doctor (surgeon?) look if you aren't wearing scrubs. And I can simply jazz them up with red and green to keep them festive.

The site I'm searching on ( has a few in nice colors. Maybe I could buy the top in green and the bottoms in red (or vise versa)? Instant cuteness. Though such a color scheme would not lend itself to other holidays.

Hmm...well they are rather cheap and I could buy multiples, but the who point of buying this outfit was to make it so I could wear it to many festive occasions. Sticking with the standard green scrubs (and just wearing red around it) can fly for now.

Just dangle some mistletoe, find some Xmas pins to decorate the front where a name tag would sit and bam festive. Though this is supposed to be a drunken doctor New Years (yes I'm thinking ahead to the many twists I can take this outfit)...hmm. That's gonna be a challenge.