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US Poker is safe again!

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 1:45 AM

Now I've mentioned Poker on line before on here. I've always found in interesting how a game such as poker was so well represented on the internet. Even more so as a paid leisure activity. Though I've heard rumor that online Poker in US was illegal. I heard that many sites wouldn't even allow US players; the ones that did were shady and would snatch and grab you money and run.

But I landed onto this Mac poker UK place and come to find out US banks can't be involved in online poker. But US citizens can. This in itself was a relief. This page also went one step further. It listed US friendly sites AND a great list of Online Poker Deals.

So not only did I find great places that were US player friendly and more importantly safe, but they were listed in order of which ones had the better deals. I guess it's time to dive into online poker with minimal consequences! Well other than that glaring one of spending all my money...though I noticed that with a lot of the safer sites many of them let you play for free to get used to the game. This is even better for me as my poker is a bit rusty.