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Saving my Sis's face.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 6:13 AM

Now, I never thought much about facial Acne. I mean, I did in my childhood gain it, but it was more that I had thick hair. I at one time wore said hair with a frontal bang. The oils from my hair caused havoc on my skin. Once I pulled my hair back – no bumps. So in the realm of acne in my case, it was rather tame.

But my kid sis had it bad. She seemed to get the brunt of the skin problems between us; I merely got eczema as a kind. She was by 15 using Resurgence to keep her wild acne in control. She wears her hair back too, but it still gets her hard especially in the forehead and neck areas. In fact (along with her feet issues – boy she has smelly feet) she still uses a mix of that though the stuff is rather expensive.

Sometimes in my daily online coupon hunting I find her some Murad Coupon Codes. As a starving college student, finding such deals for her reoccurring acne is great for not only her pocket but more importantly, her face! It’s good to know that she can go to class and not worry on her face breaking out into those aggravating bumps.