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Our bedroom blows.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 4:02 AM

Well it's getting colder and colder, and each day I'm wanting to get those cute turquoise bed sheets for me and the bf's. I mean, our bed is okay in the sheets department save for they're bland. Like brown sheets bland. Like no patterns on them bland. In fact our bedroom is the blandest place on the planet.

I saw these cute turquoise silk flowers too- having something that wont die from being not feed, that can be exactly matched to a room is cute! Then again when your walls are stark white, anything'll do. But the biggest problem with the bedroom is how it's so sooo cold.

It does not help how

1. our sheets are thin or

2. our walls are thin.

Heat likes to flee from the room. An if I close the door it, despite having a vent in the room, lingers into the main living area but not in there. I think we should invest in one of those twin star heaters. Trying to sleep while it's freeing cold sucks so much. It's uncomfortable, and you try to bundle up but it doesn't work; you go and turn on the costly heat but it doesn't circulate. Just ugh.