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Mailboxes and decor.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 5:52 AM

I always thought mailboxes were the domain of houses; they are small, black, and generally small. Well apparently at auth florence, mailboxes can come in huge sizes. The mailboxes sold here are like the kinds you see at apartment complexes – cluster mailboxes with the many slots made for multiple residents.

There's even florence mailboxes to variate on the looks and styles. Now why would I find interest in them? Well, I'd find these types of mailboxes would make great internal storage. Think about it, a mailbox system like this is just a smaller version of a portable storage unit. Instead of cramming so many items into a metal box, I can sort a bunch of smaller items into the equivalent of metal cubbyholes.

They also give off a modern look to them. I could position a mailbox set to the back of my living room, and sit things under it and above taking advantage of the added space. The only downside is that I'd have to manage a lot of keys. Key are an Achilles heel for me what with my constant loosing of them!