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Hand Drying at Mach Speed

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 6:04 AM

I always wondered who made those airblade hand dryers I see in many public bathrooms. Apparently a company named dyson does. They are the guys responsible for that heated air dryer that drys your hand dryer than the Sahara desert. The sleek, ofter super powerful things are so much so, when I look down upon my hands I see my skin ripple from the strong air blasted onto them.

Yet, curiously the dyson hand dryers are never super warm. I can have my hands dripping wet and shivering but the air dryers never over heat my hands. I wonder why that is. From what I see, a dyson air blade hand dryer is usually a small, compact unit that has the power of a vaccum but in reverse. Somehow I should not be surprised; it took me a moment to register the name Dyson in my head. The vaccum king is using his skills in building powerful more improved versions of vaccums to hand blowers.

Yes, I am well away of the irony of Dyson going from refining how machines suck to how they blow. No, I did not think a dirty thought nor intend said sentence as such. :)