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Grandma needs cheaper internet service.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 4:04 AM

Well I admit, I'm a hardcore cable gal. It's been good to me and me to it. But I've been looking into stuff for my grandma. She doesn't need super fast internet service, she only goes on it it check her bank statements if that. Maybe a few youtube videos.

But she pays for cox cause everyone around here gets cox. I thought about getting her dial up, but I just can't see her enjoying that. Dial up brings back many memories for me, none of them good. I recall when we first got dial up with I was in my teens. That stuff was sooo infernally slow. And considering it required a phone (or raher typing up a phone line) it seems like more work than was worth it.

So dsl it is. Dsl is like cable but not. It's slightly slower but again unless your a hardcore online gamer it doesn't matter much. And unlike satellite (don't do it!) you don't get a cumbersome dish. That and the place she stays at doesn't allow it.

The thing is I bet the retirement community she stays at will allow it. But as to grandma..that's another issue. Grandma is set in her ways. She doesn't like change much (I don't either) and it will take a lot on convincing to get her to switch. Bringing it up to ma would be as challenging though as at least she has a level head. Being she manages grandma's bills, talking numbers wont be hard.