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Et Tu, Laptop?

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 1:06 AM

I stare at it. And stare at it. And STARE at it. God, you were a free gift and all. But why laptop. Why must you be so...slow? And aggravating? I mean it has a great screen, decent storage space, and did I mention it was free? My laptop has saved me from always sitting at my pc typing away.

But for one, it needs ram. So much more ram. That I can find for under $30 bucks. But the biggest money pit for my laptop is getting it a new batter and AC adapter. Toshiba Laptop Batteries are a money sink because batteries are basically the back bone of a laptop. Without it, it's a as dead as a doornail. They also cost at least $100 if not more (for a good quality one). Which if you know how this time of the year is, pinching that kinda cash is a bit much for a back up work station.

It does not help that unless it is plugged in, the laptop doesn't keep a charge. It could just be the toshiba laptop adapter. If it's just finding me some cheap toshiba laptop ac adapters, then this issue can turn into a not so taxing one. But I'll have no idea if that is the issue unless I buy one. The fact that even plugging in the current adapter tells me that power is getting to the laptop somehow. Rather just spend and get a new battery. At least (if it is the ac adapter) I would have upgraded the laptop with a newer battery. Just still...ugh.