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Carpets need lovins too

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 4:15 AM

Well as I was checking my emails, I saw a strange ad for receiving shampoo carpet cleaning austin. Now I don't live in Austin, TX or anywhere near it. But I do live in a place with loads of carpet. Probably late 90's carpet but still carpet. Then again the apartment complex is totally early 80's ish looking.

I was bored though and decided to on a lark to investigate this place. The website linked me to was for steaming cleaning services. The website ( had so many various services that it made my head spin. Rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, pet smell cleaning – I was wondering if they had a Mafia Hit Job special with the myriad of options offered. They even fix fire and water damage.

But these guys alas are not in my home state. Wonder if they have a store in said state? I mean that's a huge list of custom options. And this ain’t horrible but it ain’t great either. You can tell it needs a deep clean. The smell was fine though. It's a small apartment too. Wouldn't take very long to clean it apartment complex ..sheesh. May investigate these guys later on when I'm not half asleep at my emails though.