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Why We Love Mystery Diagnosis

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:15 PM

Thanks for the guest post by Ron Faulkner

My favorite educational show to kick back and watch on satellite TV, that I got after seeing these, is Mystery Diagnosis. There are cases of diseases that are misdiagnosed for years that finally come to some resolution by the end. The show has no boundaries when it comes to age or gender. It features babies with life-threatening illnesses and adults at their wits' end. You feel bad when you see these people have struggled year after year with one wrong diagnosis and incorrect medical treatments.

Thankfully, fans of the show understand that doctors and researchers eventually figure out what is happening. Not all diseases are curable, but many are treatable, so the show comes with a feel good aspect. There are no loose ends. I have two pre-teen children and we make it an event to sit down and check out the new cases. My oldest daughter has become so engrossed in the show; she feels she can figure out many of the diagnoses on her own. There are not that many family shows that truly educate an individual and create big interest.