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License Plates have a Myraid of Uses

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 10:15 PM

After a few months of toying with Number Plates, I've found a few great uses for them outside of well...the obvious. Outside of their official use as car identification tools, license plates can be used as:

  • Art pieces

  • Furniture

  • Coasters

  • Trays

I've found that if a license plate is used as a flat surface, it has a use. After that fun weekend of making small shelves - albeit small book shelves - I have a few shallow shelves with a few books lining them. But even hanging them up around the room lends a charm to a bland space. Just sodder a few holes through the plate corners and either hand nail into the wall au natural or even frame them out. Getting a shadow box around them makes them pop. Though I've tried out some clear thick plexi glass with the plate between them. Looks awesome.

But you can use them without doing a thing. The flats of the plates make awesome trays/coasters for drinks and food. Having them cleaned before hand to hold a tray of finger foods, a bowl of chips, or a group of classes. In the end I've found that eh, outside creative uses are always fun.