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Adding a bit of flair to your car

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 10:58 PM

Personal Number Plates as mentioned in past posts are a fun way to customize and identify your vehicle. They can be plain with just a random assortment of numbers and letters, and well just do a simple job. But many like myself like to pay for a bit of extra flair.

I personally cannot deal with a plain plate. Keep in mind I'm that kind of person that will put decals, stickers, and other differentiating things on my car. A car should not just be a way to work, but also reflect a bit of the personality of the driver within.

Some put extra modifications onto their vehicle in the form of expensive lighting, frame mods, tinting - a license plate though if a conceivably cheaper (and legal in all areas) way to customize your vehicle. A plate can not only display what state or country you got it in, but can show affiliations to popular clubs, organizations, schools; or can go as far as to display personal convictions and views.

Add on the fact that you can customize letters to spell personal messages - and the plate becomes a non obtrusive way to display a part of yourself to the world.