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Frankenstein D.I.Y.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 10:16 PM

The Number Plates are stronger than they appear. AS we both went on with our Frankenstein project, we realized the clippers that were supposed to cut easily through metal...were well a bunch of crap. So (thankfully we didn't nip into the pack of beer yet) we headed back to the Lowes for a different and hopefully sharper pair of scissors.

Now we both are a jazzed about this idea, and had brought over old shelving to test our ideas on. And if the ideas failed then at least the shelves were nothing of great value. We came up with two initial ideas.

One idea was to keep the original shelving in tact, and to screw plates onto the shelves as like a decoration onto the already sturdy shelves. The upside with this idea was that if you got sick of the plate, you could just unscrew it and switch it out with a new one. The downside was the left behind drill holes that become very visible if the plate is taken all the way out.

The other (my original idea) was to remove the shelving out entirely and use the craved out areas where the original wood sat to slide the plate in and screw em in right behind. Down side is that this could only work on small shelves. But we have the whole weekend. So to work we went.