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Why no love for the license plates, Irish people?

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:49 PM

As you probably know, (or not?) I write for an Irish themed blog. A lot of the articles I post are current event articles, culture, travel; the many things that are for and about the Irish. I even review a few items for sale that honor Irish traditions. But I wonder why I never see that many sites that sell Irish Number Plates? I mean in the US I see places that sell plates all the time. Hell, I have a few of my old plates from when I owned a car and can order vanity plates from the DMV right now.

Cherished Number Plates must be a rarity there? I've seen over on American plates many variations and pictures. We are a fancy people, us American's. There's a picture for almost every school, club, sport, religion, you name if there's a good possibility that as long as it isn't offensive it can be placed onto a plate.

Many people like I keep old customized plates that are very popular over here. But over in Ireland save for having set numbers and letters in creative ways,

not so much. I wonder since the plates over there are so plain do they even bother keeping them? I mean I never see or hear of people collecting them; I mean people collect them for their cars but not as just a momento.

I know I kept mine because they remind me of the times I had my car and that despite no longer having it, I have a permanent piece of the vehicle that got me to and from school, concerts, parties, and so on. Very curious if any people out there do the same from outside of the US?