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Number plates: their meanings and needed improvements.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 10:07 PM

Private Number Plates apparently mean different things over seas. See over in Europe these kinds of plates:

Hide the age of their vehicle
Add their name or initials to their number plate
Add their business name to their number plate

Now over here I recall it being kinda illegal to hide the age of a car. I guess over in the UK it's acceptable to make your car look younger (within reason). I always equated changing a car's age with tampering with odometers and internal car readers.

Those things I'm betting are a non one no matter where you live. I'm guessing that over there license plates do more than identify who owns what car. The other two reasons I can see being used over here though.

Car Number Plates by themselves are very boring to me. I still can't figure out why they are so popular over there. Over here like every other car has a customized message full of letters with the occasional numbers. The plates are a bit narrower in Europe which probably limits lets on them, but they could just make cars with Americanized plate sizes.

I mean really:


*In my home state as well!

US plates just allow more wittier sayings. But other than that the yellow color and the sleek uncluttered layouts make the UK plates look nicer against a car. If we could like combine each plate; have the sleek yellow plates with the stare logo on the left, but keep the letters and we'd have a super car plate. I wonder if people produce those?