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The Last Comic Standing

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 2:27 AM

Posting by Dave Shepard

I am so glad that The Last Comic Standing is back on tv. That show is definitely good for a laugh, even when the comics are not funny. And some of them are really, really not funny. I love the hosts on that show, but I do not always agree with them. There have been a few folks on there who made me fall on the floor and roll around laughing, and then sometimes they let someone through who is not funny at all.

Sometimes there will be a comic on the show who just says stuff for shock value instead of laughs. I could not believe when they let one of the people with that style through the other day. When we got our satalite tv hooked up the other day, it was pretty late and I thought I was going to have to miss part of the show.

I almost started to panic, but the tech pulled through! Lucky for him. Anyway, I love the host, too. I can not think of his name right this second, but I love him on the Office. He is one of my favorite characters there, too.