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Terminal - So user friendly.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 7:51 PM

I have been playing around with the terminal and I find it’s neat! Just like the guys you see on the stock floor you can see the various currencies and trades. It also helps that I can use my phone and check on various Forex markets away from my pc. Now last time I noted that you have a built in email service – the terminal lets you communicate and ask for help in there. For this I’m glad as all those numbers floating about made my eyes bleed at first.

In fact the terminal goes above and beyond to be as less intimidating as possible. The terminal has a pre loaded training manual that teaches you the different orders that may come up in a trade. Between reversing positions or placing pending orders – the training covers all that. The terminal also has about 50 tools to analyze market movements; ways to automate trading, customize indicators, send out alerts, and even are adjustable by time zone. Add on that you can access the latest news from financial markets and this terminal is like the most user friendly Forex program I’ve ever tried.

I think I’m going to send a link to my ma. She loves this type of stuff and having a second set of eyes toying around with it wouldn’t hurt!