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Shelving Ideas

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 1:42 PM

Cheap Number Plates aren't that hard to find. I've found many places that sell them - and by sell them I mean selling good quality ones that don't look like it was lifted off of someone's old clunker. And so after a good chase, I plucked down some cash.

Five of them sit on my dining room table. What to do, what to do? Well I thought of making art with them, like tacking them on the wall...but found that my landlord is opposed to that idea. Then I though of an idea...bookshelves. I have this old bunch of bookcases but the shelves are kinda crappy.

Why not replace the cheap cardboard with license plates? I'm only putting a few knickknacks here and there on them, and it'd be a neat modern look. Then again that would require me to pop them out. A handyman I am not.

Though I'll have to work around the printed numbers; the 'ridges' that each number causes can cause items like books to roll off or sit unsteady. But if I flip them over this could be avoided but the colors will be hidden this way. I'm thinking of sitting books either on their flats, or just having a few wide pieces could work with them.

Now the shelves are of cheap plywood - colors that could go with yellow are escaping my mind. Though just leaving them they way they are may work best.