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I fail at plate names.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 5:41 PM

I've had many Personal Number Plates over the years...all with hilarious consequences. I originally had just Hotaru on it. Hotaru is the first name of my all time favorite anime character Tomoe Hotaru from the classic anime Sailormoon. I've used that name for many things and decided to use it as a license plate. But then I realized after awhile that people read it less like Ho-ta-ru and more Hot-R-U? Definitely didn't want that kind of impression!

So I changed it a year later to another name I use often: darksaturn. But that was a bit too long for the plate. So I shortened it to Dksatrn. Now it read to me easily as darksaturn - but I kept getting Chick tracts and pamphlets. I wondered why until my mom asked why I'd have dark Satan on my car? I of course did a double take missing that entirely. Even though there's no r in satan people read it as such.

In fact I have both the plates just for memories sake. It was fun honestly, scaring all the uptight moral types in my neck of the woods.

What I learned:

1. People will read anything unsavory in a name.
2. I fail at plate names.