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U.K. Licence Plates > U.S. Plates.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 10:08 PM

I admit it. Ever since I saw these type of UK plates - the long yellow tinted number plates - I've been rather drawn to them. Number Plates from there just seem so sleek and simple. Don't get me wrong, the customizable pictures you can put on U.S. plates is cool, but when you can put everything including pics of your dog on em, U.S. plates look more like cheesy flare than a plate. I'd liken U.K. plates to Facebook, and U.S. plates to Myspace *shudder*.

I just always loved the appeal of the simple look of a U.K. plate. I mean you look at it and go 'yep that's the license plate.' And since they have the required county pictures on em, you know that the driver lives where it says, and I'd figure also, that law enforcement could see that neon yellow plate miles away. Where over here where I've seen people put their plates in obfuscated places, there is no way you can hide your car numbers. So simple and neat.

The downside? The poor things won't fit on an American car. The things look too long; I think British car have their frames specifically molded for them. Then again, if they can make a car with the steering wheel on the right side, I'm not shocked they could alter the mold to fit the plates. Still....wtb.