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Downloading the Forex Demo

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 10:14 PM

Well I'm still dabbling in Forex - how bout you guys?

They make it easy to try things out. I mean look at that top pic - up to the minute updates on how stocks are doing, at a side tab for help, information, calendars, and chat. Hell the side bar has not just regular site reviews but audio reviews. Yes you can listen in on what people are literally saying. Hotness.

In fact - I went beyond that sign up page and downloaded my copy to test it out.

Looks like a stock ticker x4. Well a stock ticker who had a baby with a windows prompt terminal (which it is – a terminal). Each window displays differing currency conversions in real time. It helps that the program has easy to read options like seeing if a stock is in numerals versus in bar graph form and has it’s own ‘in game mail’ seen at bottom.

In fact the mail system has articles (with pictures!) that explain what all the blinky lights mean. This makes me happy because I sure was lost when all of this showed up. I mean this is a demo and yet I feel like I’m getting the real deal this is what the big boys play with software. Stay tuned as I toy with it some more 