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Seems the Fates pitied me!

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 3:02 PM

After last post's semi rant, I calmed down -

One of my email guys was like, 'I can't use PP they'll leave evidence on my credit card.' I wanted to bitch slap him - everything you use a cc on leaves a note in the account!? Durr, seemed flighty so I didn't really care.

Disregard that post below...I am rather annoyed at their failure in responding to my emails. Also I found this and this. These posts alarm me. I'll leave the post up but we'll see if I get payout next month. God help them if I don't.

I'm already peeved that they keep rejecting posts. Off my PR3 blog for shit I know is not true. If they'd respond with more info I'd be not as remotely annoyed. Was forced to start posting on their non helpful blog to get some responses.

But all is not bad! All that 'gurr' energy made my one of my RP guys resurface (stupid snow...I'll forgive him cause of that), annd the guy I did squidoo pages for responded after 2 months after I threatened to take em down. Funny when you threaten to take down work the ants rush to do damage control?

I received another Elance offer, rate will prolly suck ass but I'm tempted and may go for it.

Adult auctions are always fun. I disappointed one perspective but over all, tis' good.

Got half my gamefaq written out and another clarinet article done in one day! I was high fiveing myself all evening.

The adult audio book lady liked my story, but wants me to write it in 3rd person. Ugh how I loathe writing like that. But having it read and dare I say sorta published? Sqeee!

So as snowfall no. x3348754 (damn it Fates you sure love the white stuff this year, or are snorting it) coats the ground, I expect even more luck, and another tard getting stuck in our yard. We already had 2 over the past two weeks, why not a third?

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