My Goals with this Blog...

Are to document my experiences with various income streams and programs in my quest to becoming a full time freelancer working from home. I plan to list my current 'eggs' and to post the things that have and haven't worked for me.

Helpful articles to read...omnomnom.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 4:41 PM

Article hunting has scored me some good stuff. This article talks about the basis for blogs and advertising. Most of the article describes the general rise and usage of blogging as an advertising medium. Most of it was general knowledge but still a good article to send newbies after.

But I found another article, one that dealt with a bit more with where I was going with some of my blogs. This article on lead generation has a couple of pointers to position a blog as a lead generation tool. I sell affiliate products on every blog (one in particular is a purely affiliate minded blog) and could put this one to direct use.

I definitely need to make a stronger call to action. I'm not selling anything directly myself, and I do not need my number out. But I do have a prominent Contact Form, and blog posts could be considered a call to action. I just need better worded white papers. That is where I sorta bomb at, so I think I'll work on that for one of my sites an see how it goes.

I'll link more articles that I find in the meantime. Knowledge is power and to make this blogging idea take off I'll need as much as possible.