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Whitehall Address Plaque for the House.

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 11:38 PM

As I looked over this month’s bills and my outgoing projects, I pondered about the outside of our house. It has had its windows replaced, it’s siding cleaned, and the grass gets mowed regularly. But the porch is still kind of fail looking. The light looks ok if just upside down to prevent bugs from flying up and dying on the lamp. This has them falling into the lamp bottom and making a cup o’ dead bugs’. Not cool. And the old rail was removed as well as the steps filled in to prevent wasps from living in them. The house has over come a lot of issues. The door’s even been fixed. But the last thing that could be fixed up is our door numbers. I found these Whitehall Address Plaques.

Whitehall Address Plaques are these very elegant plaques that are custom made to order with your house numbers. You can have just your house numbers, or your full street address on it, or even an extender added for longer titles. It looks way neater than standard separately made numbers, but if you move, well that’s a new place to buy.

But getting a Whitehall Address Plaque would definitely improve the front of the house. Even though the house sits on a corner, the numbers aren’t the best to find. Most go by the cars or the house color (Also it’s a well known house in the neighborhood). Not an efficient house finding method. But the plaque would make the house unmistakable.

And unlike hoping the numbers don’t get individually lost, the place has everything all on one neat plaque. And if it gets dirty, you can wipe it off and put it back, saving time. Individually wiping off numbers, especially for addresses with long numbers could be a pain.