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Big Green Egg Grills from Outdora

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 5:22 PM

Big Green Egg Grills are apparently the buzz word for awesome on the market grills. The green, oddly egg shaped grills are the rave in the grill scene. Made of durable ceramic, this grill can be a grill, or an oven, or even a slow roaster that can produce very flavorful cooked meats.

These grills come in various sizes as well, to as big as furnishing a large summer deck, to a mini portable one for car trips and outdoor cooking. These grills are good if you want to cook smoky long, time consuming BBQ for a large party to be held later, or for those big summer cookout of hot dogs, hamburgers, and other summer time meats. But this grill can easily go into oven mode, backing a fresh homemade pizza, or even a pie for desert. Big Green Egg Grills are just that versatile.

The grills are very customizable too. I mentioned that they are many sizes for then, but there are many interchangeable inner grills, and trays that can be swapped out or raised up. Many extra attachable accessories are available like turkey and chicken rosters, and even a tri level grill to cook three layers of items at once!

These grills has a separate purchasable tripod bottom called ‘Nests’ that keeps the egg from sitting on and heating up the floor. If not that, there is the standard ceramic tripod available as well.

Big Green Egg Grills have even more accessories like a cover, and various custom woods and even seasonings for your food. There’s even attachable shelves and purchasable cleaning gear. For a grill based on an Asian style clay cooker of times past, it a very durable and solid find.