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Nativity Stuff!

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 6:00 PM

Nativity Sets were never my thing as I'm non Christian. But a good number of my friends and family are, and I figure that you guys out there might wanna see the pretty sets I've found. That and since this whole year has been rather depressing, why not go hunt up something nice for people before the Yule/Christmas rush.

The Nativity Scene sets that I see from Barcana, Inc are gorgeous work of art. Like this depicted figure to the left, they are all of detailed, lasting quality that is sure to have the neighbors oohing and aww-ing over them.

Most Nativity Sets look cheap, feel cheap, and break cheap. You've seen those I'm talking about. The ones with cracks forming in them, pieces missing on em, sets that show their age very ungracefully?

Well, this set isn't one of those. According to Barcana, Inc, they are 'durable, chip-resistant fiberglass and coated with exterior quality enamel paint in clear colors that are bright, not gaudy'. Looking at the detail for each set, I have to whole heartily agree.

Now there are other types too. They is also an illuminated set that mimics the feel of stained glass. Unlike the cheap ones where you can just see the light bulb burning though the cheap plastic, these are also true fiberglass that shine though the evening.

I think I'm gunna round up a few emails, and drag my grandma to this page. She loves decorating her yard every season (hell, the whole neighborhood does to top themselves every year in bedazzling lights and electric bills) and the cute set would look awesome in front of her bare yard.