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Garden Wind Chimes

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 5:36 PM

I always had a soft spot for wind chimes. The way they tinkle on a windy day, pure magic. I've seen many garden wind chimes homemade ones, made of many things, even those free AOL trial discs you get in the mail every so often. I've seen many different versions of them too.

I've seen garden wind chimes like this: sleek, simple, and gives an aura of mystique as it softly chimes in the wind. I've seen many of them using various materials from aluminum, to bamboo (which gives off a sound like that of a rain storm), to more exotic materials like shells from the beach.

Some garden wind chimes are not even chimes at all! I have one friend in Pennsylvania that had a hanging gone in place of a door bell. She lived in the back country areas where you next neighbor was a few miles away and everyone owned their own land. Well, she was legally blind, and so her and her (now ex) husband would sell wood carvings along the road. And when ppl wanted to come purchase one, they would go up to her porch and ring the gong. Very neat little effect as the sound would daintily chime through the air.

My favorite type was one handed down through our family for a few years. I'm not sure who made it but my mother had it for years. It was a chime made out of nothing but cowrie shells and beads. It was a cascade of shells that would clink together reminding you of times past. It was a complicated thing too, I think it was finely hand made. It looked like a mini chandelier and it hung beautifully by our patio when I was a kid. Several moves later she had to take it down, and pack it away, never really getting hung because of it's delicate nature. Somewhere that chime is, and I plan to take it with me when I'm finally on my own.