My Goals with this Blog...

Are to document my experiences with various income streams and programs in my quest to becoming a full time freelancer working from home. I plan to list my current 'eggs' and to post the things that have and haven't worked for me.

Hullo hullos!

Posted by tehblogging trolless | 8:23 PM

I have been experimenting around for awhiles! Decided that ads unless directly paid through to me are squat I kinda gave up on em sans here. Gaming and RL has so taken my time away but I'm back!

Deciding possible that working for X Company may be a bit too much for me, and am returning to the pirates life again. Thankfully my blogs are making me some money, especially my gaming blog due to it's juicy pr!

I also found me some good writer's markets and commenting sites to play with. Will keep yalls updated on the results of my change of direction!